The Department of Textiles, Leather and Industrial Management within the Faculty of Energy Engineering and Industrial Management of the University of Oradea, offers students a high level of multidisciplinary training in the technical, IT, managerial and economic fields.


  • We have a well-trained teaching staff with a rich teaching and scientific experience
  • We offer updated infrastructure
  • We have partnerships with top employers
  • Students can permanently carry out practical activities both in the department laboratories and in internships at different companies in Oradea
  • One can study computer aided design (CAD) programs and graphics programs, currently required on the market: AUTOCAD, GeminiCAD, Adobe Illustrator
  • Students can benefit from scholarships, scholarships for very good results, social scholarships
  • Students have the opportunity to study for a semester or even a whole year, in Erasmus mobility, at one of the 24 partner universities in Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, France, Turkey, Bulgaria, Poland, Croatia, Hungary and so on
  • student dormitories on the UO campus, offer accommodation for students residing in another locality than Oradea
  • We offer free student thematic camps during the winter and summer holidays


  1. Industrial Economic Engineering (IEI)

During the 4 years of study, you will acquire important knowledge that will prepare you for the most difficult challenges of life as an engineer, manager or entrepreneur.

Inginerul economist, cum estenumitabsolventulspecializării IEI, prindobândireacompetenţelorinterdisciplinare, de naturătehnică, economicăşimanagerială,îşigăseşteloculîn diverse departamenteşiniveluri de conducere, în mod special încele devânzări, marketing, gestiuneaproducţiei, logistică, proiectare, cercetare,resurseumanedin cadrulîntreprinderilor, precum șiînunități de învățământ.The economist engineer, as the graduate of the IEI specialization is called, by acquiring interdisciplinary competencies, of technical, economic and managerial nature, finds his/her place in various departments and management levels, especially in sales, marketing, production management, logistics, design, research, human resources in enterprises, as well as in educational institutions

2.Knitting and garment technology(TTC)
This study program has a multidisciplinary character, by joining the fundamental disciplines specific to the field, with other disciplines that would form creative, aesthetic, ergonomic, functional, structural-constructive, economic and managerial skills, preparing students’ access to the fashion industry, research and education.

Possible jobs:
-Knitwear, garments engineer;
– Textile engineer
– Production engineer
– Secondary school teacher
– Manufacturing programmer-manufacturing launcher
– Specialist in the field of computer aided design
– Textile engineer designer
– Specialized inspector – textile engineer
– Specialized referent – textile engineer;
– Research engineer in knitwear-textile garments

Master’s program Quality management and consumer protection in the field of textiles – leatherworks trains specialists who, by acquiring interdisciplinary knowledge, will be able to have a successful business in the top of existing companies on the market, focusing not only on managerial issues, but also on quality, always paying attention to the consumer, with his needs and expectations.

The graduates of the master’s degree program can work in various economic and social sectors, such as: companies whose object of activity is the design and manufacture of clothing and footwear products; public and private institutions whose object of activity is expertise or technical audit; in the private business sector by developing individual or group initiatives; research institutions and companies; educational institutions.