Scientific research has an interdisciplinary character and is oriented in several directions. Completion of researches is done by publishing articles in specialized journals from the country and abroad, by communications in the annual scientific sessions organized by the University of Oradea and other universities, as well as supporting papers or theses. Scientific research is directed towards priority materials needed in teaching and raising the professional - scientific level of teachers and students.

Thus until now, research papers were elaborated in fields:
- diversification of computer-aided design and striped fabrics obtained by the combination of ties, fineness, density and color of yarn systems;
- the use of methods of quality control during manufacturing processes in enterprises in the textile industry;
- outdoor quality of clothing products for women;
- more efficient use of geothermal energy to melt and dry flax and hemp;
- the clothing industry in Romania's economy;
- the conduction study in electrical and magnetic field through semiconductors;
- the analysis by capillary HPLC, GC, for pharmaceuticals, insecticides;
- the synthesis of amino acid change;
- reactions of alkaloids (quinine, quinidine);
- communications and information systems in the management of the marketing area;
- promoting inter-organizational marketing;
- Corporate Governance in Romanian companies.

         At this time, research fields addressed by teachers of the department are:
- automation ways and operations phases of sewing
- automatic sewing machines
- methods of of quality control during manufacturing systems in a textiles company, ISO 9004-1.2
- replacement of manually, manual-mechanical cutting with automatic cutting system that increases productivity and product quality
- formation of space of leather substitutes for footwear product realization
- sanogenetic behavior of leather substitutes in the manufacture of footwear
- processing of indigenous raw material for obtaining preforms of footwear manufacture
- the influence of manufacturing technology on the characteristics of leather
- leather finishing technology influence on the technological characteristics of the production and use of footwear
- wastewater from textile industry
- the environmental impact of technology and textile products.
- client management
- the purchasing behavior of organizations on inter-organizational market
- researches on risk management in industrial field
- Increased reliability of installations / machinery automation in industry
- efficiency operation of energetic facilities in the productive sectors
- increasing efficiency and improving functional parameters of hydraulic installations in productive sectors
- establishment of criteria to increase the reliability of electroenergetic installations in industrial systems.