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The authors are kindly asked to correctly format and submit their manuscripts, according to the formatting instructions. The manuscripts could be submitted online or by e-mail.

Description of the peer-review process

The peer-review process of the Journal "Annals of University of Oradea. Fascicle of Textiles, Leatherwork", is performed as single blind, system in which the names of the reviewers are unknown to the authors, but the names of the authors are known to reviewers and editors.

The peer review process is conducted into three steps:
1. The Editor-in-Chief or Executive Editor decides if each paper corresponds to the topics of the journal and if it fulfills the quality requirements in order to follow the review process. The rejected papers will be not further processed. The author of the manuscript receives, from the Journal’s Editor-in-Chief, a message that's highly briefly motivating what is/ are the argument/ arguments for the rejection of the manuscript at this stage.

2. The distribution of the manuscript for review, to two scientific reviewers, selected by the Journal’s Editor in chief and one of the Executive Editors, member of the Journal’s Editorial Board.
The reviewers submit their reports to the Journal’s Editor-in-Chief or Executive Editor with one of the following actions:
Reject: Content inappropriate to the journal or has little merit
Probable Reject: Basic flaws in content or presentation or very poorly written
Marginal Tend to Reject: Not as badly flawed; major effort necessary to make acceptable but content well-covered in literature already.
Marginal Tend to Accept: Content has merit, but accuracy, clarity, completeness, and/or writing should and could be improved in time
Clear Accept: Content, presentation, and writing meet professional norms; improvements may be advisable but acceptable as is
Must Accept: Candidate for outstanding paper. Suggested improvements still appropriate

3. After the submission of the reports from all the reviewers, the Editor-in-Chief can take one of the following decisions:
a. Publish without changes;
b. Publish after minor changes;
c. Review again after major changes;
d. Reject.
The peer- review process concludes at the time when the Journal’s Editor- in- Chief decides that the manuscript is accepted for publication and the statement of copyright transfer release has been received from the corresponding author.


The responsibility for the content of each paper is solely upon the authors. Accordingly, neither the University of Oradea, nor their officers, members of the editorial board, are responsible for the accuracy of any published paper

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